About Anya Benya

About Us

Beyahad – Anya Benya is an Israeli youth movement whose aim is to give all young people across the country equal opportunity for growth and positive engagement, and to instill in them a belief in their own potential. The movement aims to connect young people from all segments of Israeli society based on the conviction that investment in the lives and experiences of youth instills a true sense of belonging in an entire generation of citizens and encourages them to contribute meaningfully to society and to their homeland.

Founded in 2017, the movement began its activities with youth in 2019 in the Amit Youth Village in Petah Tikva. The movement’s founder, Barak Avraham, is a social-business entrepreneur and owner of the “From Survival to Leadership” project. He is also a social activist who works to empower youth for the sake of creating a diverse and cohesive Israeli society.

Our Vision

Working together for a more inclusive and stronger Israeli society

Our vision combines the goals of our movement and its code of ethics.

Beyahad – Anya Benya strives to connect young people from the vast range of sectors of Israeli society, to empower its participants by instilling leadership qualities, shaping a cohesive identity amongst them and giving them a sense of belonging. Through our work we are creating a just and culturally and socially diverse Israeli society.

Beyahad – Anya Benya sees its participants as the future generation that will lead Israeli society towards inclusivity and empowerment.

מדריכי התנועה-אניה באניה

Our Key Values

Strengthening self-identity

The movement focuses on identifying and strengthening a variety of aspects of its participants’ private, group and shared identities to strengthen a sense of self-worth, raise confidence and bring young people together as a group through teamwork and collaboration. We believe that by focusing on individual participant’s strengths and unique qualities, we strengthen the entire group.

Empowerment and excellence

The movement works to empower its participants, to instill in them a positive worldview, and to find and develop their leadership qualities and abilities.

Personal and community responsibility

The movement sees each one of its participants as a social leader and encourages participants to work together towards making real social change.

Inclusivity and equality

The movement connects teens from all walks of Israeli society based on the belief that working together in a real and non-judgmental manner will lead to a more tolerant and stronger society.

Management team

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Barak Avraham

Founder and CEO

Social - Business Entrepreneur, Honors Graduate of Public Policy from IDC, Herzliya. Chairman of the National Student Union of Ethiopian Israelis. Joint CEO – “Anya Benya” since 2017


Avidor Baruch


Holds an MBA from Brandeis University and a scholar of the ‘Fulbright’ Scholarship. Serves as an investment analyst


Eyal Ben-Harush


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Electronics Engineering from Lev Institute, Jerusalem and a Master of Science (M.Sc) in Management and Safety Engineering from Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva. "Has experience in operating and managing companies"

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Zehavit Deso-Uriah


Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Criminology from Ariel University and a master’s degree in Rehabilitation Criminology from Bar Ilan University. Director of the Youth Unit under the Youth and Society division in the municipality of Petah Tikva

Branch coordinators

Eliran Tzalah

Graduated Coordinator 

Daniel Tafara

Coordinator Hedera branch

Tzipi pkado

Coordinator Ashkelon branch and operation manager

Nega Ttegev

Coordinator Netanya branch

Nati yair

Coordinator of the Amit Petah Tikva Youth Village branch

“Through the major funding and support of the Barnik-Tarbut Foundation and its trustees Edith & Udi Barnik”


From our CEO

The vision of Beyahad – Anya Benya is founded on youth leadership development. Youth leading youth. Our movement aspires to empower adolescents to establish a unified Israeli society.

We see the movement’s activists as social leaders, playing an active and significant part in Israeli society, contributing to our society and country, volunteering, enlisting in the army, taking civic responsibility, and acting as role models.

We believe that to create a consolidated and resilient Israeli society, there is a need to develop in the youth a cohesive self and a sense of belonging, simultaneously with the encouragement for implementing practical responsibility, first, for themselves, and gradually in growing circles, for their community and environment.

In order to convey educational values to the activists and create a sense of self-efficacy, the movement organizes a variety of enjoyable and experiential activities, such as hiking, field trips, and extreme outdoor activities.

The first branch of the movement and its training center began its operation in the Amit Youth Village in Petah Tikva in 2019. In less than three years, and despite the hardships of the Coronavirus pandemic, three more branches have been opened in Netanya, Ashkelon, and Hadera. Since the opening of the very first branch, dozens of girls and boys have been participating in the ongoing activities. With the help of the youth activists in the movement, we aspire to extend the circle of the positive impact of adolescents on the neighborhood, city, and Israeli society (as a whole).

On a more personal note, I have complete faith that once we provide each boy and girl with the needed tools and equip them with the necessary skills, and mainly – when we put our trust in them, the youth rise, flourish, and can change their reality as the reality of their surroundings. A youth that takes responsibility and is committed to personal and communal change will become an impactful factor in Israeli society and a source of pride for our country.

“The future generation takes responsibility.”

With kind regards,

Barak Avraham, founder and CEO

Our branches

Amit Petah Tikva Youth Village
The movement’s first branch, the training center and the movement’s headquarters for trainings and seminars, opened in the Amit Petah Tikva youth village in 2019.

Branch Coordinator – Nati yair

The branch has been operating in the Neot Shaked Community Center, Azorim neighborhood, since the middle of 2021.

Branch Coordinator – Nega Itegev

The branch operates in the Burton Community Center, an antiquities neighborhood. It opened at the end of 2021.

Branch Coordinator – Tzipi Pekado

The branch operates in the Vahbert Club, Rambam neighborhood. It opened in early 2022.

Branch Coordinator – Daniel Tafara

Graduates of the movement from all branches continue to meet and receive at minars and enrichment at the movement’s headquarters in the Amit Youth Village Petah Tikva.

Graduates Coordinator – Eliran Tzalah

Amit Petah Tikva Youth Village Branch

Netanya branch

Hadera branch

Ashkelon branch