דור העתיד לוקח אחריות


“Beyahad – Anya Benya” is a youth movement which aims to connect Ethiopian-Israeli youth and non-Ethiopian-Israeli youth to create a space that enables the formation of a shared identity, building the foundations to a solid and united Israeli society. A society built on the diversity of its population and enriched by its cultural diversity.

“Beyahad – Anya Benya” works to inspire and empower boys and girls, to strengthen their sense of ability and self-belief. Our volunteers act as leaders and agents of change working individually and collectively to create change in our society.

The youth movement was established in 2017 in the youth village of Amit in Petah Tikva by Barak Avraham, is a socio-business entrepreneur. Avraham is a social activist and the owner of the “Survivor for Leadership” venture, committed to empower youth and establish a diverse and cohesive Israeli society.

:Our Mission

מדריכי התנועה-אניה באניה

Together, for a strong and inclusive Israeli society

Our vision is based on our goals and ethical code.

“Beyahad – Anya Benya” aims to connect the various parts of Israeli society, strengthen its activists, promote leadership and form a cohesive identity amongst them. By building a sense of belonging, we hope to create a culturally and socially diverse Israeli society.

“Beyahad – Anya Benya”sees trainees and activists in the movement as the future generation that will lead strong and inclusive Israeli society.

:Our Values

Strengthening self-identity

The movement focuses on identifying and strengthening the fundamental factors of personal, collective and shared identity, raising self-esteem and confidence. Collectively, building a group with collaborative foundations, promoting teamwork, while maintaining personal individuality.

Empowerment and Excellence

The movement works to empower its member, to create a positive worldview and to develop the qualities and leadership abilities of its members and youth.

Personal and community responsibility

The movement views each of its members as a social leader and encourages collaborative action by its members to drive social change.

Integration and equality

The movement connects members from all layers of Israeli society, believing that working together and genuine and unconditional acquaintance will lead to a tolerant and strengthened society.

Our Management

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Barak Avraham

Founder and CEO

Social - Business Entrepreneur, Honors Graduate of Public Policy from IDC, Herzliya. Chairman of the National Student Union of Ethiopian Israelis. Joint CEO – “Anya Benya” since 2017


Avidor Baruch


Holds an MBA from Brandeis University and a scholar of the ‘Fulbright’ Scholarship. Serves as an investment analyst


Eyal Ben-Harush


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Electronics Engineering from Lev Institute, Jerusalem and a Master of Science (M.Sc) in Management and Safety Engineering from Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva. "Has experience in operating and managing companies"

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Zehavit Deso-Uriah


Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Criminology from Ariel University and a master’s degree in Rehabilitation Criminology from Bar Ilan University. Director of the Youth Unit under the Youth and Society division in the municipality of Petah Tikva

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Shegaw Mengiste

Director of Tutorship and Training

The owner of the "You Are Worth More" venture. Lecturer and personal trainer leads workshops and courses for staff and business owners in the "You are Worth More" approach


Moti Hoffman

Director and Coordinator of the “Beyahad – Anya Benya” activity in the youth village in Petah Tikva. Director of the youth village boarding school.

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.A.) in Business Administration from Ramat Gan College

Board Members

Batya Ron

Lilach Tzuberi

Baruch Dago

Dudu Ring

Shay Bernshtein

 Or-El Shaked

“Through the major funding and support of the Barnik-Tarbut Foundation and its trustees Edith & Udi Barnik”


From our CEO

The vision of “Beyahad – Anya Benya” is based on personal development of youth and youth leadership. The movement aims to strengthen youth with the aim of establishing a cohesive Israeli society.

We see our members as social leaders, who play an active and significant part in Israeli society, contributing personally to society by doing volunteer work, enlisting to the military, taking civil responsibility and serving as a role model.

We believe that in order to create a cohesive and resilient society in Israel, youth must develop a solid identity and sense of belonging, along with personal responsibility, initially for themselves and in growing circles for their community and surrounding environment.

To instill the educational values ​​among our members and give them a sense of self competence, we engage in a variety of fun and experiential activities, such as hiking, field days and challenging activities.

Our first branch and its training center operate from the youth village of Petah Tikva, engaging dozens of girls and boys in the ongoing activities. This is the first initiative on the way to expanding our ongoing activities and launching new branches in various cities across the country. Through the youth who are active in the movement, we strive to increase the positive influence of our youth on their surrounding neighborhood, city and Israeli society as a whole.

On a personal note, I firmly believe that by equipping each boy and girl the tools and skills, and especially – when entrusting them, they rise and flourish and can change their personal surroundings and reality. Youth who take responsibility and are committed to change, personally and collectively, will grow and become a significant factor in Israeli society and a source of pride for our country.

“The future generation takes responsibility”.


Barak Avraham, Founder and CEO