The Future Of Leadership Generation​

The activity of Beyahad: Anya Benya is founded on the perception that youth leads youth, as the alumni function as role models to the juniors. The movement operates to empower girls and boys through the belief in the potential of every one of them.

Each of our branches accentuates the same educational and social values:

* Empowering apprentices and youth counselors through various enriching activities opens an aperture to opportunities existing in Israeli society.

* Forming connections for the Israeli society in its entirety and creating a sense of belonging from a young age for the cohesion and unification of the Israeli society.

* Leadership education, initiative, engagement, and responsibility-taking under the belief that the movement’s apprentices and youth counselors are the future generations

Apprentices, youth counselors, and coordinators

The movement’s apprentices – children and adolescents are 3rd to 8th-grade students.

The movement’s youth counselors – are adolescents 9-12 grade students.

The movement’s coordinators are youth after the military or national service



“Our work is first and foremost educational. We believe in youth counselors and encourage them to dream, initiate and accomplish.”
Tssipy Pecado, Netanya branch coordinator.

Our movement develops and works with constant pedagogical lesson plans taught to apprentices and youth counselors alike and, as always, gives the freedom of independent thinking and personal initiative. 

The signature program of our movement is an instruction course that conveys and reinforces such values as leadership, initiative, social engagement, responsibility, and capability. The movement’s counselors attain close personal accompaniment from the coordinators and seminars on various topics such as: getting to know the IDF, the world of academia, the high-tech world, and projects for social engagement like the “Gesher” program for distributing food baskets to senior citizens. 

“The movement taught me not to give up on my goals, always believe that I can succeed, and not allow anything to make me think otherwise. The movement has always been there for me. I got help as well as a sympathetic ear throughout the entire journey. After 12 years of studying, I graduated and have a complete matriculation certificate with the movement’s support. Thanks to this, I hold my head up high, have a job with which I make a living, and believe in myself unlike ever before.”
Benchi Mengistu, youth counselor, and movement alumni.

We believe in the young leadership and coordinators who lead the branches and cherish our partners in the local authorities; The municipalities of Netanya, Ashkelon, and Hadera, and the Amit Petah Tikva Youth Village.

Our branches

Amit Petah Tikva Youth Village
The movement’s first branch, the training center and the movement’s headquarters for trainings and seminars, opened in the Amit Petah Tikva youth village in 2019.

Branch Coordinator – Uriah Cohen

The branch has been operating in the Neot Shaked Community Center, Azorim neighborhood, since the middle of 2021.

Branch Coordinator – Tzipi Pekado

The branch operates in the Burton Community Center, an antiquities neighborhood. It opened at the end of 2021.

Branch Coordinator – Asher Elias

The branch operates in the Vahbert Club, Rambam neighborhood. It opened in early 2022.

Branch Coordinator – Yehudit Kellao

Graduates of the movement from all branches continue to meet and receive at minars and enrichment at the movement’s headquarters in the Amit Youth Village Petah Tikva.

Graduates Coordinator – Noam Lavie

Amit Petah Tikva Youth Village Branch

Netanya branch

Hadera branch

Ashkelon branch